BASS.NET API for the Un4seen BASS Audio LibraryBassBASS_RecordGetInput Method (Int32)BASS.NET API for the Un4seen BASS Audio Library
Retrieves the setting of a recording input source.

Namespace: Un4seen.Bass
Assembly: Bass.Net (in Bass.Net.dll) Version:

public static BASSInput BASS_RecordGetInput(
	int input


Type: SystemInt32
The input to get the settings of... 0 = first, -1 = master.

Return Value

Type: BASSInput
One of the BASSInput values (BASS_INPUT_NONE on error).

BASS_RecordGetInput(Int32, Single) returns both, the BASSInputType (in the high-word) as well as the BASSInput (in the low-word). Use this overload to only retrieve the BASSInput without the BASSInputType.

ERROR CODEDescription
BASS_ERROR_INITBASS_RecordInit(Int32) has not been successfully called - there are no initialized.
BASS_ERROR_ILLPARAMinput is invalid.
BASS_ERROR_NOTAVAILA master input is not available.
BASS_ERROR_UNKNOWNSome other mystery problem!


The input type information is only available on Windows. There is no "what you hear" type of input defined; if the device has one, it will typically come under BASS_INPUT_TYPE_ANALOG or BASS_INPUT_TYPE_UNDEF.

On OSX, there is no master input (-1), and only the currently enabled input has its volume setting available (if it has a volume control).

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