BASS.NET API for the Un4seen BASS Audio LibraryUn4seen.Bass.AddOn.Enc NamespaceBASS.NET API for the Un4seen BASS Audio Library
This namespace contains all classes, delegates and enumerations to support the native bassenc.dll. BASSENC is an extension that allows BASS channels to be encoded using any command-line encoder with STDIN support (LAME, OGGENC, etc), or any ACM codec. Also includes Shoutcast and Icecast sourcing features, and PCM or WAV file writing.

All BASSENC API calls are contained in the main class BassEnc and have been implemented as static methods. So there is NO need to create an instance of the BassEnc class!

All BASSENC structures have been implemented as real classes (named in capital letters). This because they are much easier to use and reflect exactly what BASSENC would expect. Those classes needs to be instantiated before their use.


Public classACMFORMAT
The ACMFORMAT is a specialized and generic format structure. It contains the WAVEFORMATEX structure and define the format of any ACM audio data. Only format information common to all ACM audio data formats are included in this structure. For formats that require additional information, this structure has an additional byte[] keeping the additional information.
Public classBassEnc

Requires: bassenc.dll - Encoding support library - available @


Public delegateCode exampleENCODECLIENTPROC
User defined callback function to receive notification of client connections and disconnections, and optionally refuse connections.
Public delegateCode exampleENCODENOTIFYPROC
User defined callback function to receive notifications on an encoder's status.
Public delegateCode exampleENCODEPROC
User defined callback function to process (receive) encoded sample data.
Public delegateENCODERPROC
User defined callback function to encode sample data.

Public enumerationBASSACMFormat
Public enumerationBASSEncode
Public enumerationBASSEncodeCount
To be used with BASS_Encode_GetCount(Int32, BASSEncodeCount) to define the type of count you want to get.
Public enumerationBASSEncodeMetaDataType
To be used with BASS_Encode_CastSendMeta(Int32, BASSEncodeMetaDataType, Byte, Int32) to define the type of metadata to send.
Public enumerationBASSEncodeNotify
To be used with BASS_Encode_SetNotify(Int32, ENCODENOTIFYPROC, IntPtr) to receive notifications on an encoder's status.
Public enumerationBASSEncodeServer
Public enumerationBASSEncodeStats
To be used with BASS_Encode_CastGetStats(Int32, BASSEncodeStats, String) to define the type of stats you want to get.