BASS.NET API for the Un4seen BASS Audio LibraryUn4seen.Bass.AddOn.Wma NamespaceBASS.NET API for the Un4seen BASS Audio Library
This namespace contains all classes, delegates and enumerations to support the native basswma.dll. BASSWMA is an extension enabling the playback of WMA files and streams (including user file streams), and also WMA file encoding and network broadcasting. Requires the Windows Media Format modules, which come installed with Windows Media Player, or can be installed separately (wmfdist.exe). DRM support is available for commercial users.

All BASSWMA API calls are contained in the main class BassWma and have been implemented as static methods. So there is NO need to create an instance of the BassWma class!

All BASSWMA structures have been implemented as real classes (named in capital letters). This because they are much easier to use and reflect exactly what BASSWMA would expect. Those classes needs to be instantiated before their use.


Public classBassWma

Requires: basswma.dll - Windows Media Audio Format (WMA) Add-On - available @

The Windows Media Format modules are also required to be installed on the user's system. They are installed with Windows Media Player, so will already be on most users' systems, but they can also be installed separately (WMFDIST.EXE).


Public delegateCode exampleCLIENTCONNECTPROC
User defined client connection notification callback function.
Public delegateCode exampleWMENCODEPROC
Encoded data processing callback function.

Public enumerationBASSWMAEncode
Public enumerationBASSWMAEncodeCallback
WMA encoding callback flags for use with WMENCODEPROC.
Public enumerationBASSWMATag
The "type" of the tag and values strings for use with BASS_WMA_EncodeSetTag(Int32, IntPtr, IntPtr, BASSWMATag).